Manage and locate hardware anywhere at any time

    • Bidirectional communication
    • Orders / SMS
    • Self-powered
    • Remote on/off
    • Remotely configurable
    • GPS / reception
    • GPRS / transmission
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Alarms / multi types
    • 5 inputs available conventional or analog from 0 to 30v possible wireless connection.
    • 4 ON/OFF outputs
    • 2 temperature sensors
    • Position on cartography
    • Identification of the RFID or iButton person
    • Important internal memory
Télémetrie Autotracking

What is ATK Telemetry?

It is the solution for wireless data acquisition and transmission via our Data /GPRS Telemetry module.

Our module integrates Inputs/Outputs, One-Wire Input or simply a serial port.

The predefined configuration allows you to easily use the box from our ATK WEB platform from anywhere in the world.

– Remote controls, alarms, remote measurements by internet, email or SMS
ATK Telemetry allows instant repatriation to visualize the data and automatically save it in a database.
On the box side it is necessary to insert a SIM card that you can obtain from any mobile phone operator, specifying that it is for Data or M2M (Machine To Machine) use.