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For more information on the products we offer, consult our range of products for GPS fleet tracking, as well as mobile asset and people tracking.

Icone véhicule Autotracking

Vehicle Tracking

  • Simple & efficient
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reports
  • Points of interest
  • Zones Alerts
  • SMS & Email Notifications
Icone Flotte Autotracking

Fleet management

  • Tracking & Business Travel
  • Identification of the driver
  • Route Planning Optimization
  • Text messaging by SMS
  • Messaging via LCD~GPRS display
Icone Personne Autotracking

People Tracking

  • SOS Assistance
  • Abbreviated emergency number
  • Real-time dynamic reporting
  • Shock detection alert
  • Perimeter protection

Why choose ATK Autotracking ?

ATK Autotracking has many products dedicated to the tracking of your vehicles, safety or even the diagnosis of your environment. All this to save and optimize time.

Vehicle fleet alert
Real-time notification of alerts.

Icone Alerte Autotracking

ATK’s sophisticated alert functionalities allow managers to schedule, in real time, daily, weekly or monthly alerts for conditions that exceed user-defined limits such as: authorized speed limits, vehicle violations, speed limits, Geo-zone violations, offenses, overtime hours and more. Read more

Security and Protection
Protect drivers, vehicles and ATK property.

Icone Securité Autotracking

ATK ® is a management tool that allows the safety of the fleet but also of drivers, especially for those who carry out emergency response missions and this, at any time. Receive alerts and a diagnosis of vehicle problems. Lire la suite

GPS fleet tracking
Track your vehicles, anywhere, anytime

Icone GPS Autotracking

ATK ® is a wireless GPS fleet management solution, designed to be as affordable as possible, resulting in a significant reduction in your fleet’s costs.

Read more

Vehicle diagnosis
Diagnose the health of your vehicles

Icone Diagnostic Autotracking

The ATK ® trace interface transmits the information collected by the vehicle’s on-board computer, providing a remote diagnosis of the vehicle’s condition so that you can organise vehicle maintenance.

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