Localisation Personnes Autotracking

Locate anyone anytime, anywhere

Real-time tracking

Track your vehicles in real time on the map via internet, iPhone, SMS, with details on vehicle status, speeds, addresses, etc.


Create your own accounts in the system. Prevent theft by activating/deactivating vehicle engine start … on ATK ™ Web

Isolated worker

ATK ™ Nano differs significantly from the current solutions available on the market for isolated workers, as it allows them to manage themselves and regularly inform the emergency response group.

Childs protection

You can easily find out where your child is! You can watch his movements at any time, anywhere from your ATK web, Smart-Phone or computer. At all times, you will see the position on a map where your child is and the history of the day.

Points of interest

Manage your points of interest on the map such as residential locations, customers, warehouses …


With various customizable alerts, WEB ATK provides some of the most powerful alerting features in the industry to highlight tracking data. The SOS call function, SMS text message tracking, the 24/7 security services help alert button (Surveillance Dispatching) can be programmed.


ATK™ data is transmitted over the mobile wireless network allowing ATK to deliver a pan-European service. The 3G network uses the global GSM standard for wireless broadband communication. This network uses SIM cards and encryption features to keep data secure. The wireless network allows our customers to access ATK Web anytime and anywhere.